Our Progress

The Orleans Parish Sheriff is responsible for the care, custody and control of men and women assigned to the Orleans Criminal Justice Center, as well as being the Executive Officer to the Criminal and Civil Courts of Orleans Parish for the service of subpoenas, courtroom security and the executory process. Sheriff Gusman has faithfully fulfilled these duties since 2004.


Justice Center

  1. Helped New Orleans build a safer, smaller and more secure correctional facility, consolidating 13 divergent buildings into one Criminal Justice Center with a new central plant and kitchen

  2. Reduced inmate beds from 7,500 to 1400, all monitored 24/7/365 by a system of 900 cameras

  3. Introduced and implemented a best practices direct supervision, behavior-based system of correction, reflecting modern standards


  1. Instituted a revamped Re-Entry program that connects families with inmates before their release

  2. Provided accredited Louisiana high school diplomas through Travis Hill School to all inmates

  3. Instituted a partnership with Tulane Medical School of Psychiatry for inmates requiring mental health care


  1. Provided a comprehensive informational website at opso.com to promote transparency

  2. Upgraded online services for civil process servers utilized by attorneys

  3. Utilized a new social media strategy to maintain contact with citizens and respond to inquiries more rapidly

Budget Reform

  1. Doubled the pay for entry-level deputies

  2. Successfully worked with voters to dedicate a permanent funding source for the operation of the Orleans Criminal Justice Center, reducing dependence on annual city budget

  3. Expanded the Justice Center’s Minority and Disadvantaged Contractor opportunities